Overall Information on the project

Organic fruit production is expanding rapidly, and has a superior market value compared to conventional produce. It is also a challenging production system. Organic fruit production is especially challenged by losses to pest and diseases, and lack of information on management, suitable varieties, and rootstocks.

The European wide project BIOFRUITNET aimed at collecting and synthesizing existing practical and scientific knowledge on organic fruit-growing to distribute it widely among the EU countries through easy formats like e-learning, podcasts, videos and short articles.

This eCourse is one of three e-learning courses covering pome fruit, stone fruit, and citrus fruit have been developed, with the aim to reach a wide range of learners, and provide the most recent knowledge within best practices of plant protection in fruit orchards. Each of the courses are addressing aspects of pest control, disease control, functional agrobiodiversity, and varieties and rootstocks.

Please find more information and learning material on the BIOFRUITNET homepage.