The Antestia bug (Antestiopsis spp.), or variegated coffee bug, is a significant pest in Arabica coffee, especially in Eastern Africa. From nymphs to adults, all development instars, feed on most parts of the coffee bushes. An Antestia bug infestation can lead to a direct yield reduction of up to 40 percent. 

For many coffee growers, the Antestia bug is a recurring and major challenge. The presence of even one or two bugs per tree is considered an economic risk and this would require action to avoid economic crop losses. The infestation can lead to the so-called 'Potato Taste Defect', which can cause the coffee beans to take on the flavour and smell of raw potatoes. Already one bean can spoil an entire batch of coffee.

Naturland has complied a new fact sheet, which presents the most important features for recognising the pest, its damage symptoms and population dynamics. Furthermore, the most important organic measures for pest prevention and control are introduced.